2017 Registered Bulls

These bulls are home raised with major emphasis placed on disposition for functional cattle in an attractive, easy fleshing package with balanced EPDs.  They will perform in all environments from the feedlot to higher elevations.  We are confident you will not be disappointed.
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Lot 1:  Tag 72-3A

PAP Score: 35

Easy calving, high marbling and top $ values.  One of two half-brothers of Grandsire PA Safeguard 021

* Awaiting  i50K results

Lot 2:  Tag 71-3A

PAP Score: 40

Solid confirmation, soundness, easy calving.  Top quality, optimum genetic parameters.  One of two half-brothers of Grandsire Safeguard 021.  Suitable for heifers or cows.

* Awaiting i50K results

Lot 3:  Tag 311

PAP Score: 36

Calving-ease, excellent spread between birth weight and weaning weight.  Top 20% of $W.  Nicely balanced young bull in a moderate frame package.  Suitable for heifers or cows.

Lot 4:  Tag 19F1
Lot 5:  Tag 34A4A

PAP Score: 39

One of four half-brothers sired by Baldridge Zenith, who is a full brother of Baldridge Willie by Baldridge Waylon.  Dam is from the legendary Blackcap line. Deep, thick, moderate framed, high performing bull.  The complete package. 

PAP Score: 37

Another Baldridge Waylon grandson who will produce calves of sound structure high carcass merits.  Excellent disposition.

Lot 7:  Tag 34A3B

PAP Score: 39

Another high marbling grandson of Baldridge Waylon.  Easy-calving and well rounded $ Values.  This a clean, well mannered bull that will perform.

Lot 8:  Tag 378B

PAP Score: 33

A very attractive, easy calving grandson of Baldridge Waylon.  Pedigree goes further back to Basin Rainmaker. 

* Pending Breeding Soundness Exam

Lot 9:  Tag 4049A

PAP Score: 36

Son of well known Connealy Impression.  Top 10% Calving Ease Maternal.  Plan to keep his heifers.