Buying All Natural Angus Beef

We are pleased to partner with Blue Sky Farms providing all-natural Black Angus beef for sale by the quarter, half, and whole. 
The calves are weaned at six months of age and kept in our own grass pastures until they are between 14 and 20 months when they are available as grass finished beef or corn finished beef.  The cattle selected for corn finishing are supplemented on cracked corn for 85 to 100 days and fed free choice alfalfa and grass hay from our own fields.  Food security is our top priority when it comes time to process your beef and our processor is a USDA-inspected facility that ensures your beef is handled in a safe and healthy manner.  Once processed, our beef is dry-aged 21 days under controlled temperatures and humidity to bring you superior quality that is consistently tender, moist, and flavorful.  Once the dry aging process is complete, it is cut exactly to your specifications, vacuum packed, and flash frozen.  Each individual package lists the cut and weight of the meat inside and all packages carry the USDA stamp to show it was inspected for wholesomeness.  The processor will also make outstanding beef sticks from some of your hamburger, if you wish.
Please use the link below to connect to Blue Sky Farm and information on purchasing beef.