Registered Angus Bulls and Heifers

Our cattle are home raised in a program that balances quality with performance and working toward this end, we make use of the latest advancements in genomic testing and selection. We also work hard to balance genetic traits across the spectrum and not focus on one specific trait to the detriment of another. Since our herd cows and bulls come from the same program, we believe calving ease, growth, fertility, maternal and carcass traits packaged in functional, easy handling cattle provides the best value for your dollar.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing premium registered and commercial heifers for your program.  
Sand Dollar 77 herd health program.
      Birth:  Inforce (respiratory diseases), temporary ear tag
      3-months:  Vision 7, permanent ear tag
      Post Weaning Heifers:  Vision 7, Bovi-Shield Gold VL5 or  One Shot, Bangs Vaccination, Pour On Ivermectin
    Bred Heifers:
      Fall:  ScourBos 9, Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot, Pour On Ivermectin
      Pre-Calving (6 weeks):  Guardian (anti-scours)
​    Cows:
      Fall (annual):  Guardian (anti-scours), Bovi-Shield Gold VL5 or  One Shot, Vision 7, Pour On Ivermectin   
     Spring (annual):  Bovi-Shield Gold VL5 or  One Shot, Vision 7, Pour On Ivermectin
     * Herd Veterinarian:  Dr. Shawn Bott, Countryside Large Animal Veterinary, Greeley CO